1986 marks a turning point for ACH’s since it’s the beginning of the second phase to become the business group it is today. It is the year of creation of Hermanos Chico SA. The second generation of the family business begins to manage the municipal slaughterhouse in Aranda de Duero.

This milestone represents a step forward towards the philosophy that will accompany our business group in the future: to integrate all production processes, from origin to the end consumer.

In 2014, with the third generation at the head of the group, a plan for refurbishment and expansion with new acquisitions begins; intended to modernize our facilities with the construction of a new, much more modern, cutting room. With this room we aim to improve the quality of processes, with a clear objective: to bet on quality as the maxim of the business group.




In the municipal slaughterhouse of Aranda de Duero, the slaughter and cutting of pork and beef is carried out.

The slaughterhouse is currently immersed in adapting and improving its production processes. Within this special process we are paying peculiar attention to our modern cutting room.


From the slaughterhouse we distribute our products to meat industries and factories throughout Spain. In the future, we plan to increase the slaughter by 20% to meet the growing demand of other group companies (Link a Cárnicas Chico) and the rest of its current customers.

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Our commitment to Duroc quality involves all the production processes in each of the companies of the Agroalimentaria Chico group, from the raising of our Duroc piglets (link to ACH section) on farms to their processing and subsequent marketing.

Our Duroc pig is fed with the best cereals, so it reaches an optimum weight (120 kg) before being processed. This means that we get the right amount of fat infiltrated into the product.

Thus, our differential value lies in the absolute control of our animals and products, as the entire process is carried out in group companies. This way, we guarantee with total security both the traceability and the complete quality control of our meat.

Quality and genetics

But quality is not only guaranteed in the process. That is why we have been specializing in Duroc genetic selection for more than 20 years to optimize quality and taste, guaranteeing a first class product, selected on the basis of marbling.

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Our Products

A commitment for quality in all the production processes of each of the group’s companies.

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Quality Products

For more than 20 years our bet has been focused on animals with a higher percentage of infiltrated fat, which translates into higher quality and better flavor.


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